What the “mainstream media” is leaving out of reports about “Ehrlich’s robocall”

Julius Henson, who almost always represents Democratic candidates, has often been in the news for his dirty tricks on behalf of Democrats and no-holds-barred approach to campaigns, something most of the “mainstream media” seems to have forgotten to report in connection with the robocall currently in the news.

In late 2002, Henson said (as quoted in the Tuscaloosa News, 1 Jan 2003):

“Bobby Ehrlich is a Nazi. …  He should be running in Germany in 1942, not Maryland in 2002.  We’ll define him as the Nazi he is.  Once we do that, I think people will vote for Kathleen Kennedy Townsend.”

Thus spake Democratic political consultant Julius Henson about congressman Robert Ehrlich …

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Henson’s Democratic clients have included

  • Rep. Elijah Cummings
  • Sam Dean (outgoing PG council member)
  • Tom Dernoga (outgoing PG council member)
  • Jim Estepp (former PG council member)
  • Camille Exum (outgoing PG council member)
  • Parris Glendenning (former governor & PG county executive)
  • Glenn Ivey (outgoing PG states attorney)
  • Tony Knotts (outgoing PG council member)
  • Douglas Peters (PG senator)
  • Justin Ross (PG delegate)
  • Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (former candidate for governor)
  • Michael Vaughn (PG delegate)
  • Albert Wynn (former US rep.)


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