There are no longer any tomorrows. Today is the day. The phone calls have been made. The mailers made. The signs put up. It is all over but the last, most fundamental piece of the puzzle.

We have been waiting four years for our opportunity to defeat Martin O’Malley at the ballot box. That time has come.

Remember the campaign of 2006? We warned of tax increases. They happened. We warned of record spending. It happened. We warned of an incompetent administration. It happened. We warned of declining revenues and fewer jobs. Those happened too.

The fact of the matter is Maryland is worse off than it was four years ago. We cannot afford four more years of Martin O’Malley.

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Today is not the day to slack off. Go vote. Make sure your friends and your family members vote. Make sure that they vote for more jobs, lower taxes, and responsible government. Today is the day to start the work of turning Maryland red.

Four years to get to this day…….so for God’s sake make this day count and go vote for Bob Ehrlich.

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