I’m In

I’m off and running, kicking off my bid to be the next 3rd Vice-Chairman of the Maryland Republican Party. You can get involved with my bid to serve by joining the Facebook page here.

Here’s a copy of my letter, which is currently in the mail to each and every Central Committee member across Maryland:

Dear Committeemember,

Like many of you, I am disheartened by the outcome of the General Election. Republicans around the state put their blood, sweat and tears to fight for the re-election of Governor Bob Ehrlich, the election of Andy Harris to the House of Representatives and the election of more Republican members of the General Assembly. While we successfully elected Congressman-elect Harris and six additional members of the House of Delegates, we ultimately came up far short of our goals as a party.

Many people see the results of this election as a sign that the Maryland Republican Party faces troubled times ahead. However, I would like to take the opposite approach and seek opportunity in adversity – the opportunity to build a stronger Republican Party.

For this reason, and my desire to serve the party, I have decided to run for the position of Third Vice-Chairman.

If elected, my goals and focus will be to: ,

  • Develop our Core Message: We need to focus on a core message that unites our party; that we are taxed too high and that our government spends too much. As we have seen around the country, this is a message that appeals across the political spectrum;
  • Build up the Farm Team: It is incumbent upon us to develop a new generation of leaders, who will take our message to their communities, churches, civic organizations, and local governments;
  • Expand and Empower the Base: A new generation of leaders focused on a core message will have the opportunity to take our party to new places in search of new voters. Many Marylanders believe in small government principles, but aren’t given a voice in their community. We must traverse every inch of our state to rally conservatives of all stripes, colors, and creeds to our cause. Our party must not only take our message to these new voters, but also empower their voice in their community as well as a voice in this party.

Some of you may want to give up on Maryland. But not me. Maryland is my home. I was born in South Baltimore. I have lived my entire life in Anne Arundel County. For decades we have suffered under the leadership of the Democrats, as they continue to push policies that drive up taxes, drive out businesses, and make it harder for Maryland’s middle and working class families to succeed. We owe it to ourselves, our families, and our communities to redouble our efforts to take our state back. And I will never, ever give up on that until we turn this state a crimson shade of red.

The work is going to be hard. It is going to take a long time. But we cannot stop believing in Maryland. I thank you for your dedication to our party. I ask you for your vote as Third Vice-Chairman of the State Party at our convention on December 11th.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me any time at brian@briangriffiths.com

Yours in service,

Brian Griffiths

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