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Happy Thanksgiving

My friend Ron Smith read this email from his listener, “Mike in PG” on the air yesterday. I feel it is worth reposting here.

Being healthy and alive makes me happy.

Being married and having children makes me happy.

The love of my wife and my children makes me happy.

The love of my parents, siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews makes me happy.

My church and my faith make me happy.

Sitting at the kitchen table and eating dinner with my family makes me happy.

Calling my child, them not answering, then finding them reading quietly somewhere makes me happy.

Seeing and talking to my friends, and dialing up an old friend makes me happy.

Going to work and coming home from work safely makes me happy.

Cold beer and fresh pasta makes me happy.

Watching a random act of kindness by a stranger makes me happy.

The Ravens winning and Dallas losing makes me happy.

Good food and great service in a restaurant makes me happy.

Watching someone laugh uncontrollably makes me happy.

Seeing a husband doting and fawning over his pregnant wife makes me happy.

Hearing my boss say “Good job” makes me happy.

Sitting in my back yard after the grass is cut and edged and the bushes pruned makes me happy.

Hearing a young child who I don’t know use good manners makes me happy.

Hearing a woman say “Thank you” when you hold the door open for her makes
me happy.

Putting on a new pair of shoes makes me happy.

Making a final payment on a long term bill makes me happy.

Waving to a policeman, fireman or EMT person and having them wave back makes me happy.

Going on our annual trip to Ocean City makes me happy.

Having all the freedoms that the good old USA affords me makes me happy.

Never having been arrested nor in jail makes me happy.

Making it through my teenage years alive makes me happy.

Freedom of speech makes me happy.Freedom to travel, live and work anywhere I wish makes me happy.

Hearing stories about successful entrepreneurs makes me happy.

Watching my wife take delight in a hummingbird that comes to the new feeder I bought her makes me happy.

Watching my wife’s face when my children hand her their latest artwork they “made for her” makes me happy.

Watching my wife and my children sleep peacefully makes me happy.

Having the freedom to listen to Shari, C4 and Ron Smith on WBAL day makes me happy.

It’s the little things in life, which end up being the biggest joys we are most thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from Red Maryland.

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