It didn’t take long for Maryland Democrats to start trying to put Republicans in the corner and telling us to shut up and take it. As noted previously, I was on the Marc Steiner Show today opposite Delegate-elect Mary Washington from the 43rd District. The basic gist of her performance to me, being on the receiving end of it, was contempt; contempt for the opposition to the President and to the Governor, contempt of the ideas of Republicans (saying that I was speaking only from “Glenn Beck’s talking points”), and contempt for the fact that I had the moxie to wear this shirt. She was even offended that I dare care her a liberal.

Here, listen to it for yourself and see what you think about it:
And that is the basic contempt that Maryland Democrats have for you and your conservative values.

If you are anything like me…….this reminds me why we will continue to battle the Democrats in Annapolis, and continue to provide a voice for middle and working class Marylanders.

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