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Come Clean, Everyone

We join all those who have condemned the election eve robocalls made by political operative Julius Henson. They have no place in our politics.

Henson says Ehrlich probably didn’t know about the call. Like others in the know we believe that. Whoever in the campaign was involved with this needs to be held fully accountable.

Still, two other points must be made.

It is utterly disingenuous and hypocritical for Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake to complain about “gutter politics” while she retains Ryan O’Doherty as a top member of her staff. Politicos may remember O’Doherty the former Maryland Democratic Party operative by his nom de cyber MD4Bush. Consistency Madame Mayor, consistency.

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Also, where were Democrat condemnations of Henson’s dirty tricks in the 1998 gubernatorial campaign to portray Ellen Sauerbrey as a racist?

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