What to Watch for

Of course, the first debate between Governor Ehrlich and Martin O’Malley was taped at 10am this morning and will be broadcast on WJZ and MPT tonight at 7. Here’s some of the things that you should look out for:

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs: Governor Ehrlich has mentioned time and time again that this is the issue that voters want to talk about. Martin O’Malley has been trying to work around the issue since so many people have lost their jobs during this administration. Which candidate will be able to claim that he will be able to create a business climate that puts more Marylanders back to work?

Making Stuff Up: The Ehrlich Campaign has done a fantastic job in pointing out the number of times that the O’Malley Administration has just made stuff up to go along with the view of the world they are spouting that particular day. The biggest crocks, of course have been about spending and jobs. The key will be whether or not Governor Ehrlich can expose that particular point. Speaking of exposing….

Covering Stuff Up: Mark Newgent has gone above and beyond the call of duty to point out that the O’Malley Administration engaged in a cover-up over the July jobs report that shows that more Marylanders are losing their jobs under Martin O’Malley. The mainstream media has tried all of their might to not let this story get too much traction in the media, because obviously a cover-up would make the Administration look incredibly silly. Of course, it isn’t the only inconvenient facts that the O’Malley Administration would like to see go away.

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The Internal Division of the Sun: Why are we talking about the Baltimore Sun as it relates to the debates? Because if you read the Second Opinion Editorial by Andy Green, and the tweets by Sun reporter Julie Bykowicz it would make it seem like they were watching two completely different debates. Even Bykowicz’s tweets conflict with the story of which she is included on the byline. Bykowciz’s tweets show that Governor Ehrlich was aggressive in dealing with O’Malley, while the story on the Sun website says that Governor Ehrlich was on the defensive. How can two different sides of a newspaper see the debate so differently?

It will be interesting to watch. It probably won’t move too many people regardless of what really happened, but this will set the tone for future debates….

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