The Case Against Brian Frosh

It is almost become cliché that the Democratic majority in Annapolis is beholden to the interests of trial lawyers and labor unions.

Yet as we know clichés are based on the received wisdom of lived experience. Indeed, one Democrat senator admitted as much, saying “It’s labor and trial lawyers that get Democrats in office. And you don’t bite off the hand that feeds you.”

When it comes to protecting the interests of trial lawyers Senator Brian Frosh–the Montgomery County Democrat from District 16 in Bethesda–personifies this cliché.

One need look no further than Frosh’s boorish obstructionism against Jessica’s Law the landmark legislation that mandates long mandatory minimum sentences—without parole—for child sex offenders.

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Fortunately Frosh has a credible challenger in November, Jerry Cave. Jerry is a former radio executive and owner of Washington Home and Garden Magazine, and his own communications company.

Instead of the usual campaign mailers, Jerry put together a 36-page magazine outlining the case against Brian Frosh, not just his intransigence on Jessica’s Law, but why he is better suited to represent the voters of his district.

Cave Mag
Full Disclosure: I was a paid contributor to the magazine’s section on Jessica’s Law.

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