Press Priorities

Note the irony of the O’Malley campaign carping to the press about their unsuccessful fishing expedition for documents to try and smear Bob Ehrlich on the Arundel Mills Slots issue, while the O’Malley administration refuses to release all the documents related to the July jobs report cover up.

They should be given that the Daily Caller has now weighed in that O’Malley’s office was indeed involved in a cover up.

Wouldn’t you think the master sleuths in Maryland’s political press corps would be the slightest bit interested in the fact that the governor’s own press secretary was assisting in the document scrubbing?

Wouldn’t you think the press would be interested in knowing why a cabinet level official was sending communications to his deputy—and God knows who else—in a manner outside the ability of the public to inspect?

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Wouldn’t you think the press–especially those reporters mentioned in the documents– would want to know why the O’Malley administration has not released all the documents related to the matter?

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