Nuance is not Leadership

Judd Legum sure does love to tell tall tales about his fundraising prowess.

Legum has repeatedly stated that he is not taking money from state lobbyists and state political action committees. Never mind the fact that it is well documented that he is being funded by inside the Beltway politicos and Washington lobbyists. But he has steadfastly maintained that he isn’t benefiting from these state PAC dollars, which is a nuanced answer to deflect the fact that he is taking all of that other money.

Legum continued the charade tonight. Herb McMillan is one of the Republican candidates running in this district called out Legum for being a member of Speaker Mike Busch’s slate committee. Of course that means that Legum is in fact a beneficiary of Busch’s special interest largesse. McMillan helpfully pointed out that Legum’s promise on even not accepting state PAC money was just not correct.

Legum handled it much like any Washington liberal would; deny deny deny. I was amazed that I was watching it with my own eyes.

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Judd Legum’s hypocrisy on fundraising and special interests is never ending and amazing. Even when caught in an outright fabrication that he ia not benefiting from special interests dollars, he continues to refuse to accept the reality. Sure, Legum’s claims to not be influenced by special interests were ludicrous from the get go due to the fact that Legum was influential in creating the Center for American Progress, which means Legum was influential in creating an inside the Beltway special interest. But it is amazing to what lengths Legum will go to to deceive the residents of District 30.

PS: Ron George; Seth Howard; Herb McMillan

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