Knowing your government is too big…

I think we may have found part of the problem in Baltimore County….

The Baltimore County Council is expected to vote Monday on whether to issue permits for wind speed indicators, a step toward determining the prospects of electricity-generating wind turbines in the county.

Wind turbines have been opposed by residents who argue they’re too noisy, spoil scenic views and lower property values. The council withdrew a proposal for a pilot wind power program in August because of community opposition.

Issuing temporary permits for wind speed indicators, known as anemometers, would help determine whether turbines are feasible, said Councilman T. Bryan McIntire, whose rural, northern county district has been the source of much of the opposition.

I mean this isn’t as egregious as the whole debacle over cameras in mall parking lots, but still……why in the world does Baltimore County need to legalize use of an anemometer? Seriously, government in Baltimore County grew so much that they at some point outlawed them?

Time to put the adults in charge in Baltimore County, and candidates like Ken Holt, Steve Bailey, Richard Reinhardt, Lindsey Thomas, Steve Whisler, Todd Huff, David Marks, and Ryan Narwocki can help reverse the tide….

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