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James Carville to Martin O’Malley: Your Messaging Sucks

From new polling research from James Carville’s outfit via Politico

The weakest messages assert we should “go forward, not back.” Voters are not moved by Democratic messages that say ‘go forward, not back,’ mention President Bush, compare then and now, or even that hint the economy is “showing signs of progress.” No matter how dramatically these messages set out the record of Republican obstructionism, their work for the wealthiest and Goldman Sachs*, the millions of jobs lost and Democrats’ support for jobs, small business and new industries — these messages falter before the Republican attack….

The messages get lower scores and lose voters. After hearing this battle of Republican and Democratic messages, 8 percent shift their vote to support the Republican, while only 5 percent move to the Democrats. We lose ground. These messages are helping the Republicans.

*Carville–who knows better–has the wrong party supporting Goldman Sachs. Goldman gives most of their money to Democrats, including the hedge fund manager at the center of the recent fraud case against the firm.

Goldman’s ties to Barack Obama’s White House are so extensive they would make father of a thousand lobbyists, Mike Miller blush.

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