Do Debates Matter?

One of the things that struck me last night about the debate between Governor Ehrlich and Martin O’Malley was the fact that you probably went into it thinking the same thing you did when you went out of it. For example, I went into the debate last night thinking Bob Ehrlich was the competent leader that Maryland needs to get us out of our rut. I also went into it thinking that Martin O’Malley was an aloof, ignorant, arrogant panderer who was more concerned with scoring points than providing leadership.

And I wasn’t disappointed.

The fact of the matter is that in most circumstances debates are not going to move the needle one bit. You sort of have to do them, but more than likely nothing earth shattering is going to come from them. I don’t think that they matter that much….

….unless you make them matter. How do you do that? Invite your friends and neighbors over to watch one of the remaining debates with you, particularly if they are an undecided voter. Talk to them about the issues. Talk to them about what matters. Ask them if they think it is a good idea for Martin O’Malley and the Democrats to raise taxes and create a climate that is not conducive to job creation.

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Ask them if they are better off now than they were four years ago…

Debates matter only if we can use them as a teaching opportunity to talk about why it is so important to bring Bob Ehrlich back. It is the words of friends, neighbors, and family members that is going to win this election more than any debate ever could.

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