Where is the July Jobs Report?

The Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation’s August jobs report shows the state’s unemployment rate rose to 7.3%.

However do you remember that pessimistic July jobs report the Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation the O’Malley administration tried to flush down the memory hole? You know the one that didn’t jibe with the O’Malley campaign’s rose colored glasses view of the economy.
Three separate Public Information Act requests were filed with DLLR to obtain the report and information pertaining to it’s removal. I filed one on August 23, as did the Maryland Public Policy Institute, along with one filed by the Maryland Republican Party on August 24.

DLLR has 30 days to respond to all PIA requests. So far, with two days left to respond we’ve only heard are chirping crickets.

I’m not surprised given the O’Malley administration’s response history to PIA requests that could embarrass them.

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Martin O’Malley has a curious take on use of public information and taxpayer funded products. On one hand he thinks it’s perfectly fine to selectively edit a clip from taxpayer funded State Circle for political purposes. Yet on the other, drag his heels on releasing or airbrush out of existence public information, which casts him and his administration in a bad light.

Then again this is Martin O’Malley the man without principles.

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