To Make Benefit Glorious Leader

You’ve probably heard by now that Maryland Public Television has gone public with it’s grievances against the O’Malley Campaign is it relates to its use of footage from MPT’s State Circle in its recent campaign ad. The Sun gives a synopsis of the story here. State Circle host Jeff Salkin gave an angry rebuke to the show which I watched on Friday evening, lambasting the O’Malley campaign for it’s use of the material and the manner in which Salkin’s credibility could be damaged.

While this incident seems to be legal, it smacks of two things. First and foremost it smacks of the O’Malley Campaigns complete indifference towards using the machinery of the state to promote Martin O’Malley and to prop up his political campaign. Sure, it might be legal for the O’Malley campaign to use the footage. But is it morally right to use taxpayer funded footage in a political campaign. Of course it isn’t. Especially, when one considers that the Democrats pitched a conniption fit when Governor Ehrlich was featured in television commercials designed to help prop up the state’s tourism industry….

….but that’s typical Democratic politics for you. Bad to help businesses and communities thrive…but good to prop up their political campaigns.

And that’s what gets to the second point. This move smacks of the entitlement culture that Annapolis Democrats have. They believe that they are entitled as your leaders to spend your money as they see fit, and to use your money to help themselves in any way they see fit. You exist to fund the government. Government exists to enrich their coffers, benefit their special interest supporters, and to enrich themselves at the public trough. This is the culture that we have been fighting in Annapolis for years, and that we are continuing to fight for the next six weeks.

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The use of the MPT footage by the O’Malley campaign is the typical misuse of taxpayer funds by the O’Malley Administration. But you know what else? It shows how desperate the O’Malley campaign is to stop the bleeding..

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