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Purple Shirted Punks attack Bob Ehrlich

You’ve probably already seen this ad right?

Well, you will notice that the authority line says that the ad was paid for by “Citizens for Strength and Security“, a seemingly benign organization that supports all-American sounding things.

Of course, take a look at who has been funding the Citizens for Strength and Security and you will notice that the main funding source is the Service Employees International Union, or good old friends at the SEIU. You know, the Purple Shirted Punks who use violence and intimidation as a means of trying to secure their outdated world view.

The other high-dollar funding sources of this 527 include the Communication Workers of America, the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, and the Democratic Governors Association.

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So as usual, take the claims with a grain of salt as the Democrats and the union leaders they are beholden do will say anything to slander Bob Ehrlich…

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