Playing PEPCO

Martin O’Malley has made quite a stink about PEPCO lately.

Here’s an interesting timeline of events this summer regarding O’Malley and PEPCO

August 8: O’Malley requested the Public Service Commission investigate PEPCO’s response to July thunderstorms, which knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of customers in the DC suburbs.

August 7-10: PEPCO executives, board members, and one of it’s PACs donate nearly $20,000 to O’Malley’s campaign. $33,350 total this cycle.

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September 1: O’Malley and Board of Public Works approve $21 million contract for PEPCO to perform energy efficiency upgrades to BWI-Marshall Airport.

Interesting how O’Malley’s call for an investigation of PEPCO, and a $21 million state contract award to PEPCO, bracket $20,000 in contributions from PEPCO to his campaign.

That’s one hell of a return on investment for PEPCO.

Of course, this is standard operating procedure for Martin O’Malley. Demagogue, pander, shakedown, repeat.

The last time O’Malley made electricity and election year issue BG&E customers saw an 85% increase in their monthly bills.

Curious that a governor who ran on lowering energy costs for Marylanders has done everything in his power to increase them.

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