O’Malley In Trouble in Baltimore County

Before professional Democrats go stroking each other over the latest Washington Post poll to create an image of enthusiasm that just isn’t there, they should take a look at the primary election results from Baltimore County a bell weather county in this election.

30 percent of DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY VOTERS in the county looked at Martin O’Malley and said no or refused to vote at all for governor. Meaning they couldn’t bring themselves to chose him over two no name candidates who raised no money and mounted no campaign to speak of.

Remember it was the margins of victory in Baltimore County that held the key to Ehrlich’s success in 2002 and failure in 2006. Ehrlich is poised to do well in Baltimore County again. That’s why the O’Malley campaign put out those door hangars featuring Jim Smith.

Also, the Washington Post poll was conducted BEFORE voters found out O’Malley’s administration lied to them about the true state of Maryland’s economy, and then sought to cover it up.

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