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Not Even On Their Side

The O’Malley campaign is going negative again. Just more of the same sacre(d) tactics, which reveal how worried they truly are about November.

And once again O’Malley tries to paint himself as a governor on “our side.” Really?

The truth is O’Malley isn’t a governor that is on his own Democratic constituencies’ side.

Ask Democratic lawmaker and illegal immigrant advocate Ana Sol Gutierrez if O’Malley was on her side when he welched on a deal for two-tiered drivers licences in return for her slots vote in 2007?

Or, ask environmental advocates how they feel about O’Malley transfering hundreds of millions of dollars out of Project Open Space, (see page A-7) thereby breaking his campaign promise not to raid the fund.

And that’s just his natural political allies.

Ask your average BG&E customer how they feel about O’Malley’s broken promise to roll back rate increases?

How do they feel about O’Malley’s policies that only make energy more expensive and hamper economic growth?

Martin O’Malley is on one side alone: his own.

The man with no principles has no qualms deceiving others to think he stands with them only to jump to the other side or abandon promises when it suits his political purpose.

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