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Nail Biter in District 36

The only Republican primary in District 36 House of Delegates race pits incumbent Dick Sossi, against challenger Steve Hershey, a former DNR official in the Ehrlich administration.

Hershey leads Sossi by 221 votes. Absentee ballots–counted today–will determine the winner.

The race got heated last week after a Hershey sent out a mailer with pictures of Sossi sleeping during session. That same day voters received a mailer from EJ Pipkin stating his support for Hershey.

As you can tell from the comments on Hershey’s mailer, the choice has come down to whether District 36 voters think Sossi has been energetic enough for them in Annapolis, or that it’s time for new blood.

Full Disclosure: I voted for Hershey.

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