Money Can’t Buy Competence

It’s amazing that for all the corporate/lobbyist, and big tobacco money funding the Maryland Democratic Party they can’t hire competent help.

I laughed at the Democrats’ press release about Ehrlich’s response to Brian Murphy’s endorsement. Could Ehrlich have handled the situation better with Ron Smith and Blair Lee? Sure, but that really isn’t the point.

Democrats spent the last 10 months saying Ehrlich is no Tea Party guy, now their making hay over Ehrlich not embracing Murphy?

Let’s face it the Democrats would have responded with a similarly asinine release had a camera caught Ehrlich bear hugging Brian Murphy.

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Also, Let’s not forget they were less than charitable to one of their own gubernatorial candidates, George Owings, who dared explore a challenge to Martin O’Malley. Note in the link that party chair Susan Turnbull criticizes Owings’ “conservative record on tobacco,” yet she happily deposited a $2,000 check from Philip Morris.

Now that’s a level of consistency not seen since the Kerry campaign.

However, what this clever little conceit does reveal is that they and O’Malley are scared. They see the November tsunami on the horizon. Lost on the mental giants at MDP is that their too-clever-by-half ploy only reinforces Bob Ehrlich’s point that to win in a general election in the state of Maryland he needs to appeal not just to conservatives, but moderate Democrats and independents.

Money can’t buy you love and apparently all that special interest money can’t buy Maryland Democrats competent help.

To Murphy supporters all I can say is this:

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