Michael Hough Wins In 3B

Michael Hough racked up an impressive win in yesterday’s primary against Charles Jenkins for the Republican nomination in District 3B.

Michael Hough defeated Del. Charles A. Jenkins, R-Frederick/Washington, for the Republican nomination in the Subdistrict 3B House of Delegates race in Tuesday’s primary election, according to complete but unofficial returns.

With all 16 precincts reporting, Hough had 2,967 votes and Jenkins had 1,352 votes.

The match up between Hough and Jenkins provided one of the clearest contest for Maryland conservatives. Hough ran on a solid platform of encouraging job creation and reducing the size and scope of government. Jenkins ran on his ability to get along with the Democrat majority in Annapolis and bring home tax dollars to Frederick County. He also ran on having the same name as Sheriff Chuck Jenkins.

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Not only was there a clear difference between the policy preferences of the two candidates, there was a difference in style. Hough ran a grassroots campaign that knocked on doors across the district. If there is a yard in 3B without a Hough yard sign it is not the fault of the Hough campaign. Jenkins approached the primary as a coronation, apparently oblivious to the fact that he was not the favored candidate for a replacement for Vichy Republican Rick Weldon. His public appearances were disastrous. The only place where Jenkins seemed truly at home was among the bevy of lefty commenters on the forum page of the Frederick News-Post.

We wish Michael the best in November.

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