Math, Morality and Martin O’Malley

In defending his underlings jobs report cover up Martin O’Malley said “”One month does not a trend make.”

Let’s do a little math exercise for the governor, who is obviously perturbed at the fact he should be held accountable for anything.

From last month’s Baltimore Sun editorial when the July jobs report first went missing:

For another, how exactly could anyone look at the job growth numbers and not come to the same conclusion as this poor, anonymous analyst? In March, Maryland added about 29,000 jobs. In April, 8,200. In May, 11,200. In June, 1,600. In July, 500. It doesn’t take a trained economist to see a trend here.

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If Governor O’Malley is so confident in his administration then he should order the release of ALL documents related to this matter.

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