It Can Be A Burden Being Right

Last November, I wrote a piece pointing out that it might be ironic to use the name “Scott” and party unity in the same sentence. At the time there was an ultimately successful effort to make Audrey Scott the MDGOP chair with other candidates dropping out for the sake of party unity. I was the only one pointing out at the time that

Because as we have documented … her son Lawrence Scott is recognized as one of the most divisive forces within Maryland Republican politics. Mr. Scott is well know for his questionable tactics in his work for various Republican primary campaigns. Among these are assertions of false endorsements via robocall and misleading signs at polling places, allegations that he supported multiple candidates in the same primary and his misleading use of a fundraising entity (that ended up spending over eighty cents on every dollar for expenses and self promotion without giving a dime to GOP candidates, its expressed purpose). One senior MDGOP official told me he was a “purveyor of slash and burn politics”. Republican primary slash and burn politics by the way

True to form, Mr. Scott had kept up his “slash and burn ways” as documented by the Annapolis Capital’s Eric Hartley. Dubbing him a local “Prince of Darkness” Hartley states that:

Such cookie-cutter negative campaigning works best when not exposed to the light of day, when you can’t see the guy pulling the strings. That’s why, like most political strategists, Scott prefers to work behind the scenes.”

Hartley concludes by saying: “Pulling up the rock and exposing someone like Scott to the sunlight is helpful, but he won’t be on the ballot Tuesday or in November. It’s his clients, the candidates, who should pay the price.”

Of course, Mr. Hartley only scratched the surface of what Mr. Scott and Scott Strategies has done. If he had read my piece in November, he would have been linked many, many more examples of Mr. Scott’s chicanery.

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More slash and burn internal Republican politics by the son of the state party chair with no criticism from the state party leadership. Just the opposite in fact. As Mr. Hartley points out,

One opponent of a Scott client expressed fear of being sued or blacklisted by the Republican Party for speaking out. That fear has grown since Lawrence Scott’s mother, Audrey Scott, was named state GOP chairwoman last year.”

I guess it might be just a tad ironic to use the name Scott and party unity in the same sentence.

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