Fun with Campaign Finance Reports

Digging through campaign finance reports might seem like a tedious chore to some. However, it can be quite fun especially when you come across massive contributions from lobbyists, developers, and Wall Street fat cats that put the lie to Martin O’Malley rhetoric about being on “our side.”

The most recent reports filed this election cycle are chock full of such gems.

The Democrat-Developer Complex
Martin O’Malley once said of corrupt Baltimore developer Ronald Lipscomb “he is a man of vision, talent and commitment to the greater good” and that citizens of Baltimore should be “proud of what he is accomplishing…” Of course, what O’Malley meant by “greater good” were the mountains of cash Lipscomb dumped into his campaign coffers and that of the Democratic machine.

Looking at O’Malley’s latest filings he’s still going after the developer vote.

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O’Malley took $12,000 from LLCs connected to John Paterakis the developer who along with Lipscomb plead guilty to violating campaign finance laws in the bribery case of Baltimore City Councilwoman Helen Holton.

Another interesting donation is from $4,000 from MKE Associates LLC. According to the State Department of Assessments and Taxation database MKE Associates LLC was formed in 2006 to invest “in any kind of property real or personal.” SDAT also shows that MKE has shown no property holdings to speak of since it was incorporated. The authorized name on MKE’s articles of incorporation is Jordan I. Bailowitz, a tax attorney for mega law/lobbying firm DLA Piper. DLA Piper’s political action committee is a huge donor to Maryland Democrats. Bailowitz has donated roughly $1,900 to DLA Piper PAC in oddly numbered contributions. Why Bailowitz couldn’t donate the $4,000 to DLA Piper PAC or to O’Malley directly is puzzling. Interestingly enough, the resident agent for MKE is George Philippou the attorney for Paterakis’ H&S Properties. DLA Piper represented Paterakis after the state prosecutor indicted him for campaign finance violations.

I’m sure Purple Line zealots in Montgomery County are thrilled with the $4,500 in contributions O’Malley and Anthony Brown took from Mr. ICC Kingdon Gould’s companies. Wonder if any of those donations came at fundraisers held at that bastion of Purple Line opposition the Columbia Country Club.

In 2006, the Maryland state prosecutor rebuked the O’Malley campaign for accepting illegal conduit contributions from Baltimore-based developer Edward St. John. Yet in 2010 O’Malley still raked in over $50,000 through the LLC loophole from entities connected to St. John.

Wall Street Calling
O’Malley loves to rail against “corporate greed” yet he and his running mate have no qualms about accepting $16,000 from corporate raiders Steven and Mitchell Rales. The Rales made their fortune by greenmailing and junk bond financing through convicted Wall Street swindler Michael Milken’s firm. For a governor who’s newly found election year mantra is “jobs,” it is disconcerting that he would accept such largesse from corporate raiders known for slashing jobs out their acquisitions. Just last year the Rales’ parent company Danaher cut 3,300 jobs while buying up more firms.

Richard Domaleski, CEO of World Energy Exchange and his wife gave O’Malley $8,000. World Energy Exchange specializes in trading carbon credits—the environmental equivalent of mortgage backed securities. Thanks to O’Malley Marylanders already pay an unecessary energy tax to fund carbon credit trading that does fulfill the goal it was ostensibly created to meet.WEE’s carbon credit business is sure to see a boost after O’Malley’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act regulations are implemented. Good luck getting an answer from the Maryland Department of the Environment on who is writing those regulations and what they might look like.

Hedge fund manager Daniel Leeds and his wife gave $8,000. With those contributions O’Malley isn’t just getting Wall Street cash but tapping into the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy. Leeds is a founder of the secretive Democracy Alliance a consortium of wealthy progressives, which provides seed money to the great constellation of left wing advocacy and policy groups throughout the country.

The Good Lobbyists
O’Malley fire bombed whole cities of straw men to falsely paint Ehrlich as a lobbyist. Yet as my esteemed Examiner colleague J. Doug Gill noted, O’Malley’s contempt for lobbyists stopped at his bank account’s edge. That trend continued in the latest campaign finance reports. O’Malley received over $10,000 from high priced DC and out of state lobbyists.

Remember, according O’Malley and Maryland Democrats lobbyists are bad, bad folks, just not THEIR lobbyists.

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