Fighting the Good Fight in Queen Anne’s County

When I moved from Baltimore city to Queen Anne’s County, never in a million years did I think I would be trading one set of statists for another, yet that is exactly what happend.

Supported by wealthy donors and their special interest lackeys, a group of the current county commissioners, which includes US Senate hopeful Eric Wargotz, Queen Anne’s has pursued anti-growth policies, which smothered economic growth and threatened property rights.

What’s worse is that these statists wolves come dressed in the sheep clothing of Republicans and “conservatives.”

The statists are back for more in the 2010 commissioner’s race.

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The primary and general election represents a cross roads for Queen Anne’s. The voters will decide whether the county will continue down the road to serfdom or chart a new course toward liberty and economic viability.

To that end, I and others have created a blog, The Queen Anne’s Torch, dedicated to exposing the anti-growth crowd, their candidates, web of PACs and lobbying groups, and economic fallacies.

Stop by and take a look.

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