Desperate Dems at it Again

The Democrats were desperate when they portrayed Bobby E. as about to commit fraud. They were pouncing on the fact that he was about to partake of Early Voting, even though the former (and it-is-hoped future) Governor had complained that Early Voting was ripe for fraud. Just because something makes fraud possible does not mean everyone partaking is guilty of fraud. Sane people know this, but it got them a cute news byte, even if it was itself fraudulent.

Now the Donkeys are at it again. I was afraid this would happen. They are using some of the rhetoric of the Brian Murphy campaign to attack Bob. They are complaining that Bob is/was/and will be a big spender & tax/fee raiser. They are using Brian to do their dirty work. Yet they conveniently omit the fact that in Mr. Murphy’s gracious concession statement, he touted Bob’s commitment to raise neither.

Here’s some of the drivel from MD Dem. Issac Salazar…NOTE TO NATIONAL REPUBLICANS:

Annapolis, MD (September 21, 2010) – In response to the Republican Governor’s Association’s false attack ad, Maryland Democratic Party Executive Director Travis Tazelaar released the following statement:

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“In their haste to try to prop up Ehrlich’s flagging campaign with false attacks against Governor O’Malley, national Republicans forgot to mention that Bob Ehrlich has zero credibility on taxes and spending. Ehrlich raised taxes and fees by $3 billion and went on the worst spending binge in Maryland history. Ehrlich’s own Republican primary opponent savaged Ehrlich for his fiscal irresponsibility and refusal to sign a no-new-taxes pledge.”

Here’s the quote from Brian that the Dems are leaving out…

“I entered the race because I am a fiscal conservative, and Marylanders cannot afford higher taxes or fees. Bob Ehrlich has pledged not to raise either, and so he has my full support in the General Election against Martin O’Malley”.

Of course, they also leave out the millions in new taxes that came in under Martin’s watch. So even if you buy what they are selling about Bob (and when you buy it remember you will have a 20% increase in the sales tax, thanks to MOM), their guy is certainly no better, and is in fact much worse. It’s really laughable when Dems try to paint Bob as some sort of big taxer, like that is ever a problem when any of their guys are doing it?!

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