Creating Unity

Brian and Mark have both written about the need to unify and focus on November’s election. Let me add a couple of comments directed especially at those who may have been disappointed by last night’s outcome in some particular race.

I ran in a very contested primary in District 33A in 2006 (though perhaps not as close or as nasty as some of the races in 33 this year). It was a tough race and there were plenty of hard feelings and bad blood. It would have been easy to walk away mad or just walk away. But I didn’t. I tipped my cap to the primary winners and united with the party to get them and other good Republican candidates elected and then found positive ways to channel the energy I had to push conservatism in my native Maryland.

For those who lost last night and for their supporters let me urge you to do the same. Get behind the party’s nominee and if a particular candidate is not to your liking pour all your energies into any of the dozens of good conservative candidates that will need your help in November. If you were motivated by ideology and a desire to change things prove it by continuing to work positively to move our movement and our state forward.

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