Chris Shank Ousts Don Munson

Conservative challenger Chris Shank trounced incumbent Vichy Republican Don Munson for the Republican State Senate nomination in District 2.

With all 45 precincts in District 2 reporting, plus early voting results, Shank had 6,478 votes and Munson had 4,798.

Shank is completing his third term as a delegate in Subdistrict 2B and is the minority whip in the House.

The campaign Shank ran against Munson was similar to that Michael Hough ran against Charles Jenkins. It pitted shoe leather and hard work against an overweening sense of entitlement. Both Munson and Jenkins were called to account for their records and found lacking by the voters.

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The Republican Senate caucus will be much stronger for the absence of Munson who at times seemed so ashamed of his record that he lied about it.

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