Center Maryland KOs It’s Credibility

I’ve been sounding the alarm about Center Maryland the allegedly centrist online news outlet that bills it’s product as “the news you need straight down the middle,” for a while now.

Center Maryland is a creature of Kearney O’Doherty Public Affairs the political consulting firm founded by former Martin O’Malley and Jim Smith underlings Steve Kearney, Damian O’Doherty. Center Maryland’s other founders include Otis Rolley, a housing official under then Mayor O’Malley in Baltimore, Martin G. Knott owner of an engineering firm and generous Democratic donor, and information technology entrepreneur Tom Loveland.

Even though KO PA dances between the rain drops when it comes to lobbying they do not disclose their clients, and Center Maryland editor, Howard Lidbit never responded to my inquiry if Center Maryland features stories connected to KO PA’s clients.

Given their founders’ background and KO PA’s $5,000 in contributions to the Maryland Democratic Party Center Maryland’s centrist façade is pretty pretty thin.

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However, with Democrats facing a tsunami of voter anger in November, and Kearney’s former boss, O’Malley in jeopardy of losing the governor’s mansion, they’ve dropped all pretenses at centrism.

According to an email sent by O’Doherty with the subject heading “The following email is highly political but absolutely essential,” KO PA has planned a series of five high priced fundraisers over the last few weeks of September. The events are for Martin O’Malley, Doug Gansler, Frank Kratovil, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden.

To draw in the dollars, Kearney and O’Doherty are bringing big name Democrats including Vice President Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Steny Hoyer. For the O’Malley fundraiser they snagged guitarist Stephen Stills of Crosby Stills and Nash.

With Kearney and O’Doherty organizing these Democratic fundraisers they’ve blown what’s left of Center Maryland’s credibility.

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