An Election Winner, but Still Clueless

Eric Luedtke is going to be heading to Annapolis as a Delegate in 2011, because apparently the Democrats want another out of touch ivory tower urban liberal in the House of Delegates. But Luedtke showed how completely out of touch with reality he is with his commentary over at MPW today.

You can read the totality of Luedtke’s text, which includes the typical Luedtke elements of making stuff up as he goes along (Martin O’Malley was trying to balance the budget, which setting forth a reckless spending agenda?). But here is the synopsis of what Luedtke really believes:

These are tough times, and this is going to be a tough election. Montgomery County needs to see clearly what’s at stake. In Martin O’Malley, we have a leader who stands up for our families and communities. In Bob Ehrlich, we didn’t. Montgomery needs O’Malley, and all of us who care about the quality of life here need to work hard to get him re-elected.

I’m not sure a big load of horse manure has ever been typed on the internet. Because if there is one thing that Martin O’Malley doesn’t care about it is families and communities. If Martin O’Malley did, he wouldn’t have pushed historical and immoral tax increases on Maryland’s middle and working class families. If he cared about our communities, O’Malley wouldn’t pursue policies that continue to put businesses out of work and send jobs to our surrounding states.

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And talk about communities? Luedtke write this:

In Tanterra and Peachwood, I heard from residents who were tired of having grass growing out of their streets and of swerving to avoid massive potholes. In Spencerville, Olney, and Damascus, I heard from parents who were concerned about cuts at the libraries and the elimination of summer reading programs. In Burtonsville and Silver Spring, residents wanted to know how we were going to bring more bioscience jobs to the east county.

So Luedtke’s argument basically in this sentence is that our communities are falling apart, and that Montgomery County voters should re-elect O’Malley, the guy on whose watch all of this stuff has happened and has not been replaced.

I get that Eric Luedtke, as a soon-to-be freshman member of the House of Delegates is carrying the water of the leader of his party here. But Luedtke again shows how disconnected from reality he and the members of his party really are. He insists that voters should return Martin O’Malley to Annapolis because O’Malley “stands up for families and communities.” He fails to realize that Martin O’Malley is the very reasons that our families and communities are suffering, because instead of trying to make Maryland a better place for families and communities, he has too busy doing the work of special interests.

Martin O’Malley and Eric Luedtke; two out of touch liberals who want to deepen the suffering of Maryland middle and working class families. They are clueless as to the damage O’Malleynomics has done to the people of our state. Luedtke may be going to Annapolis. But we can still put Martin O’Malley on the unemployment line….

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