A Note About the Establishment

There has been a rumbling among the Brian Murphy contingent that Red Maryland endorsed Bob Ehrlich for Governor because Red Maryland is “part of the establishment.”

Nothing of course could possibly more laughable, and it really shows the Johnny-come-lately nature of a lot of these Murphy supporters.

Red Maryland takes pride in the fact that we do what is right to move the conservative movement forward. If that means that we expose delegates who vote for tax increases, expose inside Central Committee baseball, help show wayward Republicans the door, or help defenestrate an ineffective Party Chairman, we do it.

It also means that we buck the trend. We endorsed conservative Michael Hough in 3B against the liberal incumbent. We endorsed conservative incumbent Tony McConkey and conservative challenger Vic Bernson as they take on establishment liberal Republicans Cathy Vitale and David Boschert.

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Red Maryland is not the Republican establishment. Far from it. You’d be surprised the calls that our editors get from the “establishment” questioning why we do what we do.

But all that being said…we endorsed Bob Ehrlich for Governor for reasons that Mark eloquently stated here. When it comes to taking our Martin O’Malley, we will pick the proven leader over the neophyte former Democrat every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

I understand that some of you disagree with our pick. I get that. But when it comes to trying to create a more effective conservative party, it seems like the Murphy people would rather alienate their friends than support their own guy.

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