Washington Post endorsement of Rushern Baker for Prince George’s County Executive ignores GOP

I have posted comments on the Post endorsement of Rushern Baker at PG-Politics.

The main point of those comments is “Of course the Post endorsed Baker.  He offers the kind of change advocated by the Post for years: higher taxes for Prince George’s County.”

There is another issue I did not address.

The Post editorial endorsing Baker does not include either the word “Republican” or the acronym “GOP.”

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Why?  Probably because there is no Republican candidate for the office (or for over 90% of other offices in the county).

Republican party officials have effectively ceded the county to the Democrats.

I think that’s especially shameful considering that Prince George’s County is the long-time home of both the Chairman of the Republican National Committee and head of the Maryland party.

It seems hardly worth the effort for Republicans to go to the polls.  Looking at the local part of the Republican primary ballot in my precinct–county-wide offices, county council, delegate, senator, and Republican central committee–there will  one, and only one, Republican candidate listed for 14 partisan positions.

There will be NO Republican candidates for County Executive, Sheriff, State’s Attorney, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Register of Wills, 2 of 3 positions on the Orphans’ Court, County Council, Delegate (3 positions), Senator, or even Republican Central Committee member. 

It is as if the Republican Party does not exist. 

I don’t know how many Republicans there are in the county, but I know of several politically active ex- or soon to be ex-Republicans who have registered or will register as Democrats because the Republican Party’s abandonment of the county has left them with no voice in county politics.  That certainly can’t help the Republican Party win any elections.

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