The Murphy Dilemma…

When the editors of Red Maryland, Conservatives all, took the step of endorsing Bob Ehrlich, you’d think that a very Un-Civil Civil War had broke out in the Republican ranks. Charges of favoring RINO’s, of being part of the problem instead of part of the solution, and even a copy-cat Facebook page fueled the fire. The anger and frustration is understandable. Note that it was the editors, not all the contributors, who make the endorsements. Some of us (well- maybe just me) may have been leaning towards the new kid on the block.

Now I would put my Conservative bonafides against most anyone’s, and I am furious that the MD GOP waived Rule 11, the rule that would have the Party keep the heck out of the way, and let the voters decide who they want on their ticket. The Party is supposed to wait, then after the Primary come out with guns a-blazin’. This business of the “establishment” picking favorites is nothing more than gross interference, and has to stop. It is bad now, and was bad when we had our own Governor and everyone wanted to kiss his ring and run with his blessing. The arrogance and, dare I say it, “audacity” sickens the stomach! It’s some party nanny-officials telling us what is good for us, that they know better and we should fall in line graciously like the good little kiddies we are.

Some are frankly a bit perturbed about being told that we have to, once again, “hold your nose and vote for…” You can fill-in the blank with McCain, or Ehrlich, or any other candidate that just doesn’t measure up in the “True Conservative” category. We’ve waited years, and we really want to, for once, vote our conscience, not a compromise. There is a little problem with that. We live in Maryland. Although Red Maryland wants Maryland to be red, it isn’t even close yet.

So, we have a dilemma. To vote for the most conservative candidate, who has statistically no chance of winning against MOM, or to vote for the most conservative candidate That Can Win? That was what the Editors of Red Maryland were considering. Don’t hate them for that. The Gonzales Poll showed the race is winnable, by Bob Ehrlich. If you put everyone who is undecided, plus all those who want someone other than Martin or Bob (and some of them favor the Greenies, or others), you still have basically diddly, and not even squat.

Despite the demonizing going on, and the breaking of another 11, the 11th Commandment, Bob’s not a bad guy at all. Would he work hard to fulfill all our “True Conservative” hopes and dreams, probably not, but he would work his butt off to turn the state’s economy around, and that is no small accomplishment. He would also grant the more conservative of us a seat at the table, where we could make ourselves heard. How soon we forget that when he was in office, conservatives were actually listened to occasionally.

The Palinization of the Murphy campaign has given Brian much more visibility, and I understand that he is seen as a way “True Conservatives” can get excited about voting again. I think that if you want to vote for him in the Primary, you should do so. If his possible Coale-connection to the Democrats has you concerned, but you just can’t bring yourself to voting for Bobby in September, leave that section blank and vote for people on the ballot in other races. Those races are important, too. If you see Bobby as the best choice, vote for him. As for me, the jury’s still out on what I will do.

Primaries are where we are supposed to differ and debate, no matter what the “establishment” tells us to do.

But then we have another dilemma. For the General election, both sides need to swallow their pride. If, as expected, Bob comes out the winner of the Primary, Mr. Murphy better get his butt out there sign-waving for Bob the very next day. His supporters, many of whom really aren’t very fond of Bob, better shape up and give their all to the campaign. If they think Bob’s too moderate, don’t they realize that Martin is really much worse? Newsflash, people: Brian & Bob aren’t the enemies here. If a Maryland Miracle happens, and Brian is triumphant in the Primary, Bob and the Kane’s better put all their efforts behind the new kid. I expect, no, demand, that the Kane’s send Brian all of the money they and their richy-rich Potomac friends planned on spending for Ehrlich-Kane. Yeah, like that’s going to happen. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not.

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