The Continued Self-beclowning of Joyce Thomann

On rare occasions we get the opportunity to weave a number of issues that we have dealt with here at Red Maryland into one tidy little post. This is one of those times.

This afternoon Joyce Thomann set another one of her long-winded, rambling diatribes that she usually sends at all hours of the day and night. You may remember Joyce Thomann from as the central player in last year’s RWAAC-Gate Scandal where she compared Barack Obama to Hitler with disastrous consequences, leading to Red Maryland’s first ever blog-wide unendorsement of her candidacy for Central Committee.

Thomann’s letter starts as a somewhat of a long-winded rebuttal to a column penned by Mike Collins regarding certain aspects of the Republican primaries. Collins you will remember played a leading role in the Anne Arundel County Leadership fiasco in 2007 when Central Committee members led an ouster of him as Chairman of the Committee…..something Joyce Thomann had a strong opinion about, incidentally.

Anyway, here is Thomann’s email in its entirety:

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There are a number of things striking about Thomann’s missive against Collins. But one of the themes that I took from this is the fact that Thomann seems to think that Collins should have taken responsibility for the divisiveness on the Committee and both resigned as Chairman and as a member of the Committee. Ironic enough as it is that her email was subtitled “Being Silent is Cowardly When You See Wrong” and that Collins was himself far from silent when he saw wrong. It is the fact that Thomann and her detractors viciously attacked those people who spoke up when they saw Thomann do wrong in the Summer of 2009. Greg Kline, myself and others were vilified for calling Joyce Thomann out for her unseemly and uneducated comparison between Obama and Hitler. But Thomann only believes that she and those of her ilk are qualified to determine what is right and what is wrong about the Republican Party.

That brings me to another, equally disturbing point about Thomann’s email, one that I would like to highlight here:

The Central Committee members are elected in the Primary! If you too believe the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States are just fine as they are and want those who we elect to abide by them, I hope you will vote to elect three CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN WOMEN to the Anne Arundel County Republican Central Committee. I ask that you vote for Debbie Belcher, Ginny Meerman and Joyce Thomann

Well the message here is incredibly disturbing. I know that Debbie Belcher is herself a strong Christian believer, and despite my being involved in this party in Anne Arundel County for ten years I couldn’t tell you Ginny Meerman from Adam. But I wonder if they are willing participants in Joyce Thomann’s vicious slander; not of their faith, but of the faith and the conservatism of other women who have served on the Central Committee. Does Joyce Thomann believe that Central Committee members Robin Bissett, Ashley Reed, and Carolyn Middleton are not sufficiently conservative enough to serve as members of the Central Committee.

Even more disturbing is Thomann’s implication that Robin Bissett, Nora Keenan, and other candidates are not sufficiently Christian enough to serve on the Central Committee. How dare Joyce Thomann to question a fellow Republican’s faith, never mind the fact that it is irrelevant since the Republican Party does not have a religious test for its membership. Given the number of times that Thomann herself has invoked the 11th Commandment in an attempt use it as cudgel to support her candidates, it is unabashedly hypocritical for Thomann to try use her tarnished pulpit to try and determine who is an who is not sufficiently Republican enough to serve in office….

….which incidentally also reminds me of somebody else who is on the ballot this year. Take a wild guess as to whom Joyce Thomann is supporting for Governor this year. Why who else but Brian Murphy, the guy who Red Maryland exposed as a Johnny Come Lately to the GOP despite the fact that he and his supporters want to determine who is and who is not sufficiently Republican enough.

Needless to say, there are a couple of salient points that need to be made as it regards to Joyce Thomann’s candidacy for Central Committee:

  • Joyce Thomann unnecessarily embarrassed the Republican Party last year through her remarks about Barack Obama;
  • Joyce Thomann is a hypocrite who believes that other Republicans should be held accountable for their actions, but that she should not be held accountable for hers;
  • Joyce Thomann has made an egregious personal slander against several current members of and candidates for the Central Committee with her unnecessary and unprovoked attack on their faith;
  • Joyce Thomann believes in a religious test for members of the Central Committee;
  • Joyce Thomann believes that a former Democrat with no experience in helping the Republican Party grow should be our party standard bearer for Governor this year; and,
  • Joyce Thomann’s agenda in being elected to the Central Committee is NOT to grow the party and to promote conservative elected officials and ideas, but to purge the Republican Party of those elements that she does not believe are pure enough to be conservative Republicans.

Just to reiterate, there is a reason that Red Maryland took the extraordinary step of un-endorsing her candidacy for Central Committee.

If you are a resident of District 30, please make sure that you do NOT cast your vote for Joyce Thomann. If you know a resident in District 30, please pass this info on and make sure that they don’t vote for Joyce Thomann. The Republican Party needs builders and common sense folks who will do the work necessary to bring a Republican majority to Maryland. That is the only litmus test that should matter to serve on a Central Committee, and it is a test that Joyce Thomann can not pass.

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