Senators in Space

I just watched MPT’s State Circle from Friday night and I think State Senator Verna Jones needs to come back to the home planet and take a look around at reality.

Verna Jones, after following some remarks from Bob Ehrlich, said that she was “frightened” about the prospect of Bob Ehrlich returning to the Governor’s mansion. When asked why the O’Malley administration should be re-elected, she said that it was because voters in her district were concerned about jobs, jobs, jobs and providing opportunities for employment and small businesses.

When Senate Minority Leader Allan Kittleman pointed out that the reason that jobs were leaving the state and the reason that small businesses were in trouble were due to the reckless tax and spending policies of the O’Malley Administration, Jones went off the reservation about how Republicans were focused on “helping only 25% of the population.”

Verna Jones is clearly off the reservation and completely out of touch with the plight of middle and working class Marylanders who are struggling to make ends meet. She and other Democrats believe that the solution to our economic problems is to take money out of your pocket and spend it instead of government largess.

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That, and not a return to the Ehrlich years, is what is truly dangerous. When people go to the polls on November 2nd, they are going to realize that they are not better off than they were four years ago. And it is going to take the return of adult leadership to the Governor’s Mansion in the form of Bob Ehrlich to being Senators like Verna Jones back to planet earth and finally deal with the realities of the fiscal nightmare that she and others have helped to create.

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