Now You See It, Now You Don’t

The O’Malley administration removed a Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation report that contradicted O’Malley’s rosy jobs claims from the department’s website.

The original report stated: “Amid reports of uncertainties in financial markets, declining consumer confidence and spending and lackluster hiring at the national level, Maryland’s economic recovery faltered in July.”

This sharply contradicts O’Malley’s statement that the state’s “job momentum is continuing.” Not to mention it is highly embarrassing.

An anonymous O’Malley administration official told the Washington Post the removal of the report was “an innocent mistake.” According to the official the report was an internal document that was never intended to be posted online.

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This explanation simply does not hold water. Both the MDGOP and the Ehrlich campaign picked up on the original report and then hours later, like a Soviet commissar fallen out Stalin’s favor, it vanishes.

The O’Malley administration and reelection campaign have made plenty of mistakes, none of them “innocent.”

Whether it’s falsely tying Ehrlich to the oil spill in the gulf, or having it’s surrogates harass business owners, and now airbrushing embarrassing evidence, Martin O’Malley is showing us there is no depth he will not sink to conceal his own abysmal record.

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