Kevin Carney for Senate, District 42

There is a dearth of business owners in the General Assembly. The legislature’s dangerous statist drift saddling Maryland businesses with deleterious taxes and regulatory burdens proves that fact.

We need more business owners in Annapolis to fight for policies that nurture small business, spur economic growth, and create jobs.

To that end Red Maryland endorses Kevin Carney for State Senate in District 42.

Kevin owns a successful small construction company Thomas Builders, which has built new homes across Maryland and created hundreds of jobs. He understands what it takes to grow a business, and meet a payroll, things of which too many legislators are woefully ignorant.

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Kevin has mounted a vigorous campaign knocking on thousands of doors as part of the District 42 team with Delegates Bill Frank and Susan Aumann. Kevin has received the endorsement of our friends in the 42nd District Republican club and he has the support of our endorsed candidate for governor, Bob Ehrlich.

District 42 is solid Republican territory. The latest Gonzalez poll shows this area favoring Ehrlich 52%-37% over Martin O’Malley. This senate seat is a prime pickup for Republicans as the incumbent, Jim Brochin, is vulnerable.

We encourage you to support Kevin’s campaign at

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