James Braswell for Delegate, District 31

District 31 in Anne Arundel County is a bit unusual in that there are three incumbent Republican Delegates, all of whom are running for re-election, in a district that still has a majority of voters still registered as Democrats. That being said, this is a conservative district that is looking for strong leadership and the ability to get things done for the district.

It also a district that has a tremendous opportunity to elect somebody who will be a strong, consistent Conservative. An individual who has experience both as a small businessman and as a member of our community.

Jim Braswell ran for the House of Delegates in 2006. He finished fourth in a field of five. However, that has not dimmed his resolve to serve the people of District 31. Braswell is a small businessman who opened his own law firm in 2007, and is involved in a number of other businesses. He is an active member of the Pasadena Business Association, a member of the Chamber of Commerce, and a founding member of the Board of the Monarch Academy charter school in Glen Burnie. Jim Braswell has been actively involved in trying to help make this community a better place.

But it isn’t just his work as a pillar of the community that makes the difference. It has as much to do with being a consistent small government conservative on the issues. Braswell will be a delegate that stands up for small businesses, working to reduce the red tape, lower taxes, and shrink the size of government. Just take a look at his issues page and you will understand that Jim Braswell is a conservative who understands that big government in the name of conservatism is still something that should be avoided.

Maryland needs members of the House of Delegates with small business experience and a belief in smaller government. To that end, Red Maryland endorses Jim Braswell for Delegate in District 31.

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Which of the three incumbent Delegates deserves to be replaced? Well, this is probably a good time to remind you that Steve Schuh voted for Governor O’Malley’s $500 million expansion of Medicaid during the Special Session in 2007, voted for all four of Martin O’Malley’s inflated budgets, and is preoccupied with his investment these days in Derek Fink.

Jim Braswell needs your help in order to bring common sense to Annapolis. Visit his website at www.jimbraswell.com or join his Facebook group to learn how you can help.

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