I Want a Name

To follow on to Greg’s comments about causes for concern as it relates to the lack of a candidate for Attorney General this year, I want a name.

The name I want is the name of the Central Committee Chairman who stood in the way of the State Party Executive Board naming Jim Shalleck as our party’s nominee for Attorney General.

I want that person to tell the public exactly why they though allowing a controversial Attorney General to get a free pass to re-election.

And I want to know exactly how their decision benefits the advancement of the Republican and Republican ideals.

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The fact of the matter is that there is a likelihood that the individual who is responsible for this is running for another term to their county central committee. And I think that before this unnamed individual faces the voters in 43 days, they owe their party an explanation.

We need to know the name of this knucklehead so that the voters can deal with them accordingly…..

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