Embarrassing a Maryland Democrat Operative Part 972

Yet another example that the well-heeled fat cats funding the Maryland Democratic Party are spending their money on folks not even the Creigh Deeds campaign would hire.

MDDem Executive Director, Travis Tazelaar he of the Democrats MACO Ocean City bacchanal fame—you remember when Democrat muckety mucks thought the looming budget crisis was an excuse to party down the ocean—posted a piece to his the Online State claiming to have busted Bob Ehrlich for hypocrisy over his support for our men and women serving overseas. Tazelaar cites a 2005 Baltimore Sun piece as proof of his claim.

Tazelaar writes:

Ehrlich had four years in office to send ballots to soldiers earlier, yet failed to do so. To meet the time frame Ehrlich claimed yesterday to support, Maryland’s September primary would have to be moved earlier by an act of the General Assembly. Not only did Ehrlich not suggest this during this year’s legislative session, he and other Republicans actually opposed an effort to do so during the Ehrlich administration, saying the existing schedule “worked fine.” Mary Kane’s husband John Kane even said moving back the primary — which would have allowed soldiers to get ballots sooner — was “stupid.”…

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Bob Ehrlich should stop his embarrassing and poorly-researched efforts to politicize our troops.

Travis Tazelaar is the Executive Director of the Maryland Democratic Party and a former Marine.

Only, that Sun article reveals that the “effort” Tazelaar refers to was in fact a Democratic concoction to help “give nominees more time to raise money” in the 2006 elections.

State Democratic Party Chairman Terry Lierman said most of the party’s top elected officials, including its members of Congress and county executives, support the proposal to move the 2006 primary from September to June.

“It is one option we are looking at,” Lierman said.

“There is a lot of support among the state advisory council for doing this,” he added, referring to a group made up of the two U.S. senators, six members of Congress, county executives, legislative presiding officers, Baltimore Mayor Martin O’Malley and the comptroller and attorney general, who have been meeting regularly to plan election strategy.

Such a change would need approval of the General Assembly, which adjourns for the year Monday. No legislation to make such a move has been introduced; it would have to come as an amendment to another elections bill.

Even Speaker of the House Michael Bush said “the initiative obviously centers around the gubernatorial race.”

How dare Bob Ehrlich and Republicans refuse to help Democrats raise money and organize!

Terry Lierman, you may remember, was the State Democratic Party Chair/DC lobbyist who gave Congressman Jim Moran an open ended $25,000 loan while Moran was cosponsor of a bill that would have benefited Lierman’s client pharmaceutical giant Schering Plough. Lierman is now Steny Hoyer’s chief of staff. So much for draining the swamp!

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m late for my lunch: A plate of delicious irony of Maryland Democrats using their own shoddy research to blast Bob Ehrlich for allegedly shoddy research.

Or is that “irresponsible in a time of war?”

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