Desperate Dems

Clearly Martin O’Malley and the Maryland Democratic Party have moved from fear to desperation. They spent millions of dollars spinning lies about Bob Ehrlich only to drop precipitously in the polls.

So what is their response? Double down on the very actions that brought them to this point.
O’Malley surrogates are harassing small business owners.
And now, instead of passive surveillance, Democrat operatives are acting as outright provocateurs.

Republican Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. accused a state Democratic Party employee
of “inappropriate” behavior Thursday when the worker directed a question at the
former governor while monitoring a campaign event.Isaac Salazar, communications
director for the Maryland Democratic Party, was not allowed to finish a question
about unemployment benefits and Ehrlich ignored his subsequent interview attempts as a lunchtime session with about 30 small-business owners at a Howard
County restaurant broke up.”It’s a no-class move to do what he did,” Ehrlich
said. “It’s inappropriate.

He termed the interaction a violation of unwritten rules of the campaign trail.Political parties and candidates often use operatives to track their opponents and shoot video, hoping for a gaffe or statement they can use to their advantage. Salazar, who was recording the session, is not directly involved in the campaign of Gov. Martin O’Malley, whom Ehrlich is expected to face in the general election.

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Rick Abbruzzese, an O’Malley spokesman, said the campaign has not been tracking Ehrlich.

Ehrlich pointed out Salazar at the start of the meeting, which was similar to many business complaint sessions the former governor has organized around the state. Business owners say tough regulation and overly generous unemployment benefits are making it harder to turn a profit in Maryland. Ehrlich has campaigned on a theme of providing a friendlier environment for businesses.

Other eye witnesses told me Salazar talked over and interrupted small business owners who were there to ask legitimate questions.

Of course, Salazar doesn’t mention that it was O’Malley who tried to strong arm state businesses into more draconian unemployment insurance regulations during the 2010 legislative session. To their credit the business community stood up to O’Malley and fought off his attempts to screw them yet again.

Salazar, you’ll recall was the guy, who back in January slandered hundreds of tea party protestors as racists.

We are witnessing the actions of an arrogant Democratic monopoly desperate to hold on to power.

On a side note, O’Malley spokesman Rick Abruuzzese flat out lied when he said the O’Malley campaign has not been tracking Ehrlich. Here is a photo of an O’Malley campaign worker recording Ehrlich at the Tawes crab feast in Crisfield last month. Notice the poorly hidden green O’Malley campaign T-shirt.

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