Bizzaro Economics in Queen Anne’s County

Super smart libertarian and fellow Queen Anne’s County resident Kevin Waterman at his blog Questing for Atlantis reveals the economic fallacies behind the no growth, know nothings running QAC.

A few weeks ago Art Carden defined the principles of Bizarro Economics*. It seems to me that Queen Anne’s County would be well served by exploring the ideas motivating a similar strain of thought, what I call Anti-Growth Economics**.

So, without further ado:

1. Real people don’t matter. Abstractions like “the county” and “our rural way of life” do.

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2. Farmers are stupid. Since they don’t know enough to ignore profit opportunities it is necessary to destroy their land values and take away land-use options so they will keep their farmland the way it is.

3. Developers are stupid. Whenever it is legally possible they will develop land, regardless of whether or not it makes economic sense. That’s why we have to make sure it’s impossible to ever develop anything.

4. The only way to save the county for future generations is to make sure there are no places for future people to live.

5. No one could possibly support property rights unless they stand to profit from it. If it looks otherwise they’ve secretly been bought out by

6. Being legally able to do something and actually doing something are the same thing.

7. Supply and demand are imaginary. Single family homes are less affordable to buy than giant farms.

8. New development only imposes costs. In spite of appearances otherwise, people who live in homes only consume services; they don’t actually make any income that generates tax revenue or grows the economy.

9. It’s greed when a person uses their own resources to create more housing opportunities for other people. It’s selfless civic activism when a person uses
government to take away people’s rights in order to enforce their own vision of
how things should be.

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