Want to Lose a US Senate Primary?

Just follow the three easy steps of the Wargotz Method.

1. Put yourself on camera spouting birther nonsense while offering disingenuous statements about still being president of the Queen Anne’s County Board of Commissioners.

2. Inform your base that you are “very disappointed that President Obama stated that he wouldn’t pay health care for illegal immigrants.”

3. Disseminate a misleading press release. Then, after being called out for it, send out a second release doubling down on the data that got you in trouble in the first place, while tossing a top tier GOP congressional candidate under the bus.

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Not running for US Senate? Don’t worry, Wargotz has an easy single step process to alienate county constituents as well: Introduce legislation that tramples on property rights, hinders economic growth, and punishes farmers by restricting what land owners may do with their own property.

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