Vitale Plays Fast and Loose with the Facts

Cathy Vitale’s first mailer has hit the street, which you can see here. Red Maryland, as you know, has already endorsed Delegate Tony McConkey and Vic Bernson for Delegate in this district, but that does not change the factual inaccuracies with Cathy Vitale’s first mailer.

There are two key points that need to be refuted here:

1. Slots:

Vitale claims to have fought to “Give citizens the right to vote on slot machines at Arundel Mills.”

Well, that statement clearly does not past the smell test for two reasons:

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– The Statement is just factually wrong; there was never a provision in the slots ordinance that would have allowed the ordinance to go to a vote. The only reason that there will be a referendum on slots is because of the work of people like the Stop Slots Arundel Mills whose volunteers signed petitions and then fought the case all the way to the Court of Appeals in order to give citizens the right to vote.

– Vitale voted no on the ordinance that changed the zoning for the Arundel Mills slots project. But she only voted not after delaying the voter for weeks. This delay actually created the environment that allowed a coalition of four votes to be cobbled together in order to actually pass the slots resolution over Vitale’s alleged objections. The fact of the matter is that they delay is what ultimately led to the passage of the zoning ordinance.

I don’t think that the folks who actually are fighting the war on slots at Arundel Mills are going to appreciate Cathy Vitale taking credit for their work. I asked the folks at Stop Slots at Arundel Mills for their thoughts, and the note I received indicated that “Cathy did in fact help us, and has been helping us all along.” But of course that does not the change the fact that the referendum effort could have been avoided had it not been for Vitale’s delaying tactics.

2. Help for Families:

Vitale also claims that as a Delegate she would “Help Working Families” and “Reduce Taxes.”

Well, let us take you back to 2007 when Cathy Vitale (along with her compadre, now State Senator Ed Reilly)fought tooth and nail to require that new single-family homes constructed in Anne Arundel County be outfitted with sprinkler systems. This is a requirement that increased the cost of home construction in Anne Arundel County by $1 per square foot. Cathy Vitale’s actions directly increased the cost of new homes for working families in Anne Arundel County, and are typical of the nannystate liberalism that we would expect from Montgomery County, not the most conservative legislative district in Maryland.

As Greg said, there is a reason that we endorse the folks we endorse. We endorse good conservative candidates who will fight for lower taxes and smaller government. Cathy Vitale is a big government “conservative”and she is not giving voters the facts in her campaign pieces.

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