Right Back At Ya Maryland Democrats

So the too-clever-by- half Maryland Democrats have eight questions for Bob Ehrlich about his running mate Mary Kane.

Well we have a eight of our own for Maryland Democrats and Martin O’Malley:

1. Did Martin O’Malley know or even care that in 2006 his own Lieutenant Governor, then Delegate Anthony Brown led the charge to kill Jessica’s Law—a bill which would have implemented strong mandatory minimum sentence for child sex offenders—by strong arming delegates on the house floor?

The bill passed in 2007, without help from the O’Malley administration.

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2. Are Martin O’Malley and the Maryland Democratic Party cool with having, Martin Cadogan, a resident agent for one of corrupt developer Ronald Lipscomb’s LLCs, as treasurer of the O’Malley campaign? O’Malley said of Lipscomb “He is a man of vision talent and a commitment to the greater good.” Perhaps Lipscomb’s generous campaign contributions to Maryland Democrats provide all we need to know on that count.

3. Will the Maryland Democratic Party ask it’s former chairman Michael Cryor what his firm profited in it’s dealings with Ron Lipscomb?

4. Why did the O’Malley administration award over $3 million in state highway contracts to Fort Myer Construction, a firm previously debarred from state and federal contracts for bribing Washington DC officials? Was the fact that Fort Meyer was a client of Democrat staffer, donor, and O’Malley appointee to the Maryland Economic Development Corporation, Dana Stebbins’ consulting firm a factor?

5. Given Maryland Democrats’ concern for the Purple Line—especially their animosity towards the members of Columbia Country Club, who oppose it—will you ask Martin O’Malley to refrain from using his school ties to Columbia Country Club officer John Brophy to use the club for fundraising?

6. Will Martin O’Malley and Maryland Democrats excoriate Barbara Mikulski and Ben Cardin for voting aye on the same oil drilling rights bill for which they attacked Bob Ehrlich?

7. If oil is such a concern for Martin O’Malley, why did he raid Maryland’s oil disaster cleanup fund to paper over his irresponsible budgeting?

8. Can Martin O’Malley and the Maryland Democratic Party explain the incongruity of their subsidizing—through paying for radio ads on WBAL Radio during Ehrlich’s program—what they themselves called an illegal in-kind campaign contributions?

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