Re-Elect Delegate Tony McConkey, District 33A

Red Maryland has already endorsed one candidate in District 33A during this election cycle. This district is one of the most conservative districts in all of Maryland, and has consistently elected Republican (though not, necessarily, Conservative) representation throughout the lifecycle of this district.

However, the voters of District 33A have twice done themselves and the state of Maryland a favor by electing Delegate Tony McConkey. And Red Maryland endorses the re-election of Delegate Tony McConkey in District 33A.

As noted, District 33A is one of our most conservative districts, and Tony McConkey has represented these principles well in Annapolis. Tony has been a voice for conservative principles and ideals, including being fantastic on issues that impact your taxes, the size of government, schools, and on the issues of life.

Due to his conservative bonafides, Tony has long been the target of those who are not as committed to the conservative cause. The folks at the Annapolis Capital have long had it out for the Delegate, included extensive coverage about an overblown, underfactual lawsuit. Many Republicans, even in Anne Arundel County, have quietly slandered him in an effort to defeat him both in the 2006 and 2010 Republican primaries. But no matter, Tony has stayed steadfast and true to the his principles even in the face of these constant attacks.

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There are many Republicans who are elected to serve in Annapolis. A lot of them turn out to be less committed to conservatism than they are towards going along to get along. With Delegate Tony McConkey you get a conservative Delegate who will stand hard and true to the conservative principles on which he was elected. Please visit Tony’s website at to see how you can help him out.

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