Documents Raise Questions for Rob Fisher

Red Maryland has obtained documents, which show cyber security executive, Rob Fisher, who is challenging GOP favorite Andy Harris in the Republican primary for Maryland’s first district congressional seat, has stronger ties to the Commonwealth of Virginia than Maryland.

According to the Maryland State Board of Elections Fisher registered to vote in Maryland in 1996 but has not voted in a single election in Maryland since registering. However, Fisher has been registered to vote in Virginia since 2006.

Fisher’s Federal Election Commission candidate filing statement lists his address as 310 Park Lane Federalsburg, MD. The Maryland State Department of Taxation and Assessments shows that property is owned by his parents Robert Allan Fisher Sr. and Diane M. Fisher. Virginia records show Fisher and his current wife have paid property taxes on a home in Chantilly, VA since 2004.

These documents beg several questions:

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Why is Fisher running for Congress in Maryland?

Is Fisher a Maryland resident? If yes, then why is a self-admitted millionaire—he told Politico
he’s worth $5 million—living with his parents?

Fisher claims “deep roots” in the first congressional district. Why hasn’t he voted in a single election in Maryland in the last 14 years?

More documents and questions to come…

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