Cause for Concern?

Our friend Richard Falknor has a great piece analyzing the failure of the Maryland GOP to recruit a candidate for Attorney General. I encourage you to read it and do not believe I could say it much better.

In a year when the state’s GOP has so much going for it and is expected to have a strong top of the ticket one does have to wonder: Why the state party has had such difficulty recruiting statewide candidates?

Let me submit for discussion that the recent change in party leadership has not resulted in the turnaround may claimed would occur. Or, to put it anther way, maybe the problem with the MDGOP was not simply who was the chairman.

Consider this a discussion thread.

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UPDATE: The Gazette is now reporting some CYA by the state party pointing the finger at an unidentified county chairman as the reason for their failure to name an AG candidate at the last minute.

It still begs the question: When chairman Scott told this blog earlier this year that her goal was to have a Republican candidate in every race, why did it come down to the last minute in the first place?

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