Candidates Should Speak Up on Lawsuit Abuse

Todd Lamb
Executive Director, Maryland Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse

As campaign season moves into full-swing, candidates across Maryland are touting fiscal credentials and plans to bring new jobs to the state. But most are ignoring an important issue that costs everyone money: lawsuit abuse.

When greedy personal injury lawyers clog our courts with frivolous lawsuits, small business owners, large in-state employers, and taxpayers pay the price. One study estimates that our civil justice system imposes a “lawsuit tax” of $838 per person annually. There are a lot of Marylanders who could use that extra cash in these difficult economic times.

In order to raise voter awareness and to educate candidates about the crucial link between lawsuit abuse and our state’s economy, Maryland Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (MDCALA) has launched an initiative to get candidates on-the-record on the issue. MDCALA, a non-partisan grassroots citizens group, is calling on every candidate for state office in Maryland to sign the “Stop Lawsuit Abuse Campaign Pledge.” By signing the Pledge, candidates acknowledge the negative impact that frivolous lawsuits have on Maryland taxpayers, consumers and businesses. The Pledge is a common-sense and straightforward commitment: “I support more jobs for Marylanders and fewer junk lawsuits that threaten small businesses and hurt Maryland’s economy.”

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If you support this pledge and think candidates should too, be sure to raise this issue at candidate meetings and forums in your district. You are also invited to attend a grassroots rally and candidate signing ceremony on Thursday, August 12th from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at Harry Browne’s Restaurant in Annapolis located at 66 State Circle. At the event, candidates will be asked to say a few words to MDCALA’s supporters and guests before signing the Pledge. Visit our website to learn more.

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